Can Feng Shui Help You Design Your Staircase?

Many people feel that feng shui plays an important part in deciding how happy we are in life. Even though most people don’t give their staircase much thought, feng shui may be useful in bringing to our attention spatial problems that we were previously unaware of. So, sure, you can include feng shui into your staircase design, and here’s how:


You may pick from a variety of shapes for your staircase, including straight, split, L-shaped, curved, and spiral.

•Straight: This design helps you and your chi to easily go to the next level of the structure. However, having straight steps aligned with the front entrance results in a financial loss. To reduce this problem, place a barrier between the last step and the entrance or spread some carpet to slow down the chi.

•Split and L-shaped: These patterns allow chi to flow more naturally up and down. However, because the backs of these stairs are frequently exposed, energy can seep through, reducing the quantity of chi that reaches the next storey. To alleviate this problem, block the risers or arrange potted plants beneath them to assist the chi rise.

•Curved and spiral: The first design channels energy in a pleasant way, but a spiral staircase is said to have a detrimental impact on the heart and blood pressure of those who use it. Curved staircases are good, but spiral staircases should be avoided at all costs.


As previously said, you do not want your staircase to go out the front door (or the back door for that matter), but you also do not want your steps to be installed in the middle of your property. The finest place to concentrate your staircase design is within the house, against an external wall.


The breadth, depth, vertical inclination, and landings of your staircase design are all factors to consider. Of course, you should consider this in relation to the available space (making sure that it is not too big or too small). A narrow staircase, on the other hand, may cause emotions of constriction and claustrophobia, a steep ascent can cause financial problems, and tiny landings might feel hostile and oppositional in terms of feng shui.

When it comes to picking a staircase design for your house, feng shui can help you guarantee that you’re promoting the best chi flow and having the most enjoyable life experiences imaginable. And, after your staircase is in place, never leave anything on the stairs, even if just for a short time, since this can obstruct chi flow and cause stagnant energy in your home.